Is it Time to Host an Alterations Party?

  • Do you have a high volume of garments that NEED tailoring/mending/repairs?
  • Do you have new Christmas clothes that don’t quite fit?
  • Want to earn discounts for your Alterations?
  • Know 3-5 friends that have garments to be tailored?
  • Enjoy giving someone a “HAND UP?”

Then, HOST a Fit My Curves Alteration Closet Party -OR- Seams Tailored for Men Night IN!

Alterations Closet Party Host Rewards (based on Alterations Paid for at the Party!)

1. Host a Party:
$15 off alterations & Thank You Gift

2. Hostess Party Earnings* $200
Earn 20% Off Your Alteration

3. Hostess Party Earnings* $300
Earn 30% Off, 30-Minute Massage

4. Hostess Party Earnings* $400
Earn 40% Off, 30-Minute Massage

5. Hostess Party Earnings* $500-Up
Earn 50% Off, 30-Minute Massage

 *Alterations will be paid for at the party, determining the party earnings

Other Rewards
Party Bookings from Host Party = One FREE future pickup/delivery per show BOOKED & HELD (after party is completed). Alterations turn-time is 2 weeks from date of party. Delivery Options: deliver to host home no charge, deliver to your location $8.

Clothes Swap & Giving A Hand Up
Have a garment that is taking up closet space? Bring it for a Clothes Swap. If no one wants the garment and you like the extra room you’ve made; I will donate it to a Career Center that assists people returning to the workforce.