I have been working with Ta’melle Livingston-Karlbom, owner of Fit My Curves in Boise, Idaho for the last five years.
She is simply amazing! She is fast, polite, and extremely professional. Providing suggestions, recommendations, and down to earth prices, she performs miracles with her needle and thread. She is my guardian angel and blesses me every time she personally drops my items off at my front door when finished. Thank you Ta’melle for being the best in your craft, stitching, fastening, and attaching objects of all kind.

~Joe Bridges
Boise, ID


“Ta’melle was very friendly and professional. I needed alterations done for a bridesmaid dress as well as my wedding gown. She came to my house and did the measurements and had both dresses done within a month. Very happy with the results and would recommend her!”
~ Hilary
Boise, ID

“I needed a last minute alteration done for a custom shirt I made for my trip to the Rose Bowl. Ta’melle was so helpful in getting this done even over the holiday season. She also helped my daughter with her prom dress alteration last year when no one could. I highly recommend her for all your alteration needs. Amazing work by an amazing artist! Thanks Ta’melle!”
~ Mark Flory
Boise, ID

We have used Fit My Curves many times over the years. The quality of work is exceptional and the customer service is awesome. We would highly recommend Ta’melle to all of our friends and family.

Jeff Lilly
Victoria Lilly

I have had a great experience with Fit My Curves over the years! I have had many clothing items altered and each time I’m amazed by The quality and professionalism of the work! I would highly recommend fit my curves alterations for anyone!
~ Sarah M.

My favorite thing about Ta’melle is I can send her ANYTHING.  Yes, of course she can deftly handle the random repairs and stitching.  BUT the unique items that I love and am afraid to send anywhere else, go straight to Ta’melle.  I haven’t lived in the same state as Ta’melle in 6 years and I still send her my items.  She has repaired a 30-year old t-shirt that I can’t bear to part with (or stop wearing) beautifully, so much so that my friend asked me to teach her how to do it.  No problem.  “Just send it to Ta’melle.”  She has joined two table runners for me for a long table.  She has repaired patchwork corduroy pants that were starting to separate at the little line in the middle of the fabric (not on the seam) to the point where you can’t even tell!  My favorite part is I don’t need to worry and I can ship it to her and she gets it back to me in a timely manner for a VERY fair price.  Don’t question it.  Just send it.  Anything.  The only person who will be upset is your older sibling who told you to get rid of that outfit (or whatever) years ago.  Ta’melle will restore it to its original or a freshly rocking vintage glory!
~ Kelly B.

Ta’melle is a true professional. I’ve used her services on numerous occasions and I’ve always been pleased with the outcome.
~ Sheldon

“There was a bit of a sizing fiasco in ordering bridesmaid’s dresses for my daughter’s wedding.  They all arrived WAY too small.  Ta’melle not only did a fantastic job putting the bustle in my daughter’s wedding dress, but  made all 4 bridesmaids dresses fit all the girls without looking like they had been altered – even though it took quite a bit of altering!  It was magic, I swear!!  All was done for a reasonable price, and on time.  She even came to us to fit all the girls.  Can’t recommend Ta’melle and Fit My Curves highly enough!!”
~ Dawn F.

Ta’melle does the best alterations ever! I had her work on my entire wardrobe, and it was a wonderful investment. That little added touch really makes clothes look more professional. She is great at making things Fit My Curves,  so to speak. She has a wonderful eye for fashion and form; she understands the human body and how clothing can work to enhance its beauty. I think she’s an artist.  And I absolutely love that she comes to my house to do all the measuring and picks up my clothes, and then drop them back off to me when she is done. How easy is that? I would highly recommend her for any alteration needs!
~ Hilary H.B.

Customer Service Extraordinaire! Ta’melle – that’s her!!
Ta’melle has been altering my clothes for several years And I’ve never been disappointed with her work.
She even picks up and delivers! Ta’melle always listens to your requests and will offer suggestions and advice based on her expertise seamstress and tailoring skills. Ta’melle is extremely creative and is very capable of turning something “plain Jane” into an embellishment dream!
~ Teresa C.